The name Metsa comes from the Estonian phrase “minu väike metsa maja”, which means “my little house in the forest.”

When I was young my grandfather and I built a tree house on a small property they owned north of Toronto. The following weekend, when I went to visit, he had made a sign for the house: “minu väike metsa maja.” When I started this company, I decided on the name Metsa not only because it reminds me of my grandfather but becasue it is the only word in the phrase that is pronounced virtually the same in Estonian and English .

Today, Metsa is the maturation of our interests and the product of our desire to create clothing that reflects our lifestyle. Every item represents our belief that a piece’s value comes from its narrative; how it was made, who created it, why, and how it is worn.

Every Metsa item is created from high quality, well-considered materials that are sourced to inspire the final piece. Our relationships with local and notable producers from around the world allow us to create responsive designs that reflect the present and participate in traditional production processes.